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Ninachim Ltd. is a private company with main business activities in the field of development, manufacture and marketing of water-emulsion paints and primers for indoor and outdoor use, decorative plasters, paints for wood, metal, plastics, water-based anti-corrosion primers, alkyd, acrylate, two-component polyurethane paints, colourless varnishes, primers, linseed oil, solvents..

Manufacture takes place in a region, which is 18 km away from  the city of Ruse in the company's own building with modern process equipment and a laboratory equipped for testing the manufactured products ensuring manufacture complying with the European standard. The products of the company are marketed under the trademarks Marsel,
si Belle , Marsel H2O and the products intended for professionals MARSEL pro. A team of specialists follows all the time the trends on the market and aims to satisfy the needs and the specific requirements of each client. The corporate quality policy aims to satisfy the clients' needs and expectations and to achieve compliance with all applicable local, national, international and other requirements. The company maintains certified quality control system - BDS EN ISO 9001 - 2008, which governs all manufacturing operations and quality control both of raw materials and products and the end products.


Bulgaria,  City of Ruse,
47, Kiril & Metodi Str.;
Plant: Chervena voda;
tel.: + 359 886 849 345
tel/ fax: + 359 8115 / 29 56; 28 80
GSM: + 359 888 238 423